About Joanna

Hi everyone, I am a small time hobby orchid grower and potter. I make orchid pots  in my spare time when I am not at work-I still work as a Physical Therapist in Venice, Florida.

I started making clay orchid baskets because, as an outdoor orchid grower in Florida, I could not find wide shallow Cattleya pots with enough aeration and drainage to withstand the summer rains. So I decided to make my own. I have been gradually improving my designs and selling the baskets locally for several years.  Recently I have been learning to throw pots on a potter’s wheel so I am currently offering a pretty nice selection of handmade yet affordable orchid pots and baskets. I am really enjoying the process of learning to be a potter. This was never in my long term plan but I love it now.  Some of my creations could actually be considered artistic but most are just functional orchid pots.

As an orchid hobbyist, I know sometimes we want something interesting and unusual in which to grow our orchids, that is actually good for our orchids, and doesn’t break the bank.  My intent is to make affordable pots so you can buy a few and still have money for more orchids!

Over the next few years as I approach retirement I would love to attend more local orchid events and shows and meet more orchid enthusiasts. Happy growing!